This awesome video has been making its round around the web lately and we figured it’d be a shame if it didn’t find a home here on Wookie. The gist: Yes he has yarn taped on his face. Now that we’ve established that, what you’re about to see is a strangely poignant ballad sung to concept of Nintendo’s Mario Kart. It’s pretty amazing, the guy’s got some talent and balls to announce to the world how big of a Nintendo geek he is.

What we have below is some video made by an over zealot and hyper fan of the said above video. To say it isn’t entertaining would be a lie, to say that I enjoyed watching all 3:10 of it would also be a lie. The truth lies apparently somewhere in between. She has the whole “Sam The Cooking Guy” vibe to her video edit, which is actually done fairly well so I’ll give her that.