Frank Miller has finally announced the period outline and “Xerxes” as the working title to his much anticipated “300” prequel.

According to Miller, “It’s the Battle of Marathon through my lens…. I’ve finished the plot and I’m getting started on the artwork.”

For those who never paid any attention in history class, the Battle of Marathon was fought in 490BC somewhere near Athens by an Athenian army against a Persian force led by the Emperor Darious I. Similar to the 300 troops that fought a million Persians, this battle features 10,000 Greeks who battled and fought off a lot of Persians.

It’s still a bit too soon to tell where this story is going to go. But with the working title it leads us to believe that it may be a mix between the Battle of Marathon and the story of how Xerxes came to power. How the two will intertwine and lead into 300 is anyone’s guess. But don’t guess too hard. Neither “300” or the soon-to-be “Xerxes” are entirely factual retellings of Greek/Athenian history anyway.

In any case, don’t expect “Xerxes” to debut anytime soon. We’re looking at maybe a late 2012 release if not, 2013.

Source: Empire Online