As I sat there waiting for my interview with Sarah Shahi star of USAs ‘Fairly Legal’ I’m a bit nervous. I haven’t really watched this show much and I’m not sure what to ask her. Pulling up her IMDB page on my phone, I notice a few things. First, she was on ‘The L Word’ another show I really don’t know well. Second, she’s one of the leads in Walter Hill’s new action film ‘Bullet to the Head’ with Sylvester Stallone! Now I’m actually kind of excited to talk to her since I still hold out hope that one day Walter Hill is going to come back and make badass action films! Who knows, maybe this next one is it… or maybe not. Below is my video interview with Sarah Shahi:


I really wasn’t nervous or worried about this interview, but then she stepped into the room, KADOOM! It slapped me in the face! Here I am trying to look professional and talk normal to this incredible beauty all while faking knowledge about her show. I was damn lucky to have found that tidbit on Walter Hill and I have to admit, a woman who digs Hills work is pretty damn awesome in my book. So, now I’m talking to a woman who is telling me how great his work is and my brain goes directly to the thought of us hanging out and watching ‘The Warriors’ together (Hill’s greatest film and I’ll fight anyone that disagrees, though I probably wouldn’t win the fight cause I’m too busy watching movies about badasses than being one). In the end, her sparkling personality and her obvious love of life and career has easily turned me Shahi-curious and I’ll be netflix-ing ‘Fairly Legal’ as soon as I send my ‘Dark Shadows’ DVDs back.

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