I believe there are no exact do’s and don’ts in cosplay. Also, I can’t say what exactly makes someone a bad cosplayer. Some are meant to be bad, and that’s actually what makes them pretty awesome. But, I’m definitely down to give some tips on ways to improve your cosplay from frumpy to “freakin’ awesome!” :D

Step 1. Make sure the damn thing fits!

There’s nothing more generic and cheesy than a cosplay that looks like you borrowed it from your distant cousin that is two sizes bigger than you. If you decide to make your cosplay, perhaps invest some time to measure yourself twice before making your garment. If you bought your cosplay online, a sure fire way to make it look at least triple the amount you paid for, take it to a tailor and they will take off the inches that make your cosplay unusually big, finally fit snug to your body like it was meant for you.

By then, you’ll be ready for…..

Step 2. Wigging out the right way

Wigs are awesome, especially if they have some careful snipping involved. Which means, a little thinning out and a proper cut will make your wig look amazing. Have you ever seen someone sporting the most awesome cosplay outfit, but they forget the details in the hair/wig. I think this is the second most important thing about a cosplay.

One big trick of the trade is to buy a wig longer than what you need it for. This will give some leeway on trimming the wig to cater to your face. Every face is different, and some wigs that are preset on a style, may look great on the dollhead, but may not even fit your face… in the end, wasted time and money. So, getting a longer wig will be worth it in the long run. :) You might also want to get thinning shears, scissors, and for the more advanced wig cutters, using razors and a picture as a guide, slowly remove some weight off your wig by snipping bit by bit, until you achieve you character’s attributes to a T! ^__^

After that you’ll be ready to go onto…..


I know I know, this word makeup scares most men and some women to death, but really without the proper makeup artistry, your cosplay will sink! Putting on a bit of makeup will make all the difference in your cosplays. Remember a little always goes a long way. I broke it down to 3 things to keep in mind.

A. Matching the eyebrows to the wig- This really does make a difference, especially with those who choose a character with a lighter hair color.
B. Foundation or powder can make your skin tone at least 2-3 shades lighter or darker, so if the character is semi pale, or tanner than your skin tone, you can match it slightly with makeup, but honestly only if you’re that extreme, I say go for it.
C. Eyeliner- I recommend this to every cosplayer, even men. This does a HUGE part in making your eyes appear larger in pictures. So DO IT! :D

Step 4. Vogueing in front of a mirror!

Okay maybe not like Madonna, but getting your character down by practicing poses they would do in anime/video games/movies will set you apart from the ordinary. Someone may look awesome, but if they pose like a tree and give duck lips at every flash of a camera, there’s definitely no hope that someone will give you the praise you deserve after all your hard work, and that my friend, will suck!

Some ways to combat that would be, taking some time to pose in front of a mirror, at least 3-4 different poses. They don’t have to be utterly EPIC or anything, maybe a subtle change of the crouch, or arms, will make the photographer keep their eye on you, resulting in ::chaaaaching!!!:: a photoshoot session somewhere nice outside, and BAM you got some photos for facebook, cosplay.com, acparadise.com, or anywhere you wanna post them. Memories :3

Hope these lil tips help you on your journey to geeking out and doing your character justice! I will be going further in depth with some tips and tutorials this summer with a surprise for you guys :D Let’s just say I’m workin’ on it. :)

Now hurry up and make those cosplays to join me at the conventions!! SHEEEAA BUDDY!

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  1. Great tips! I think this guide might save some people some embarrassing moments in the future :P

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