• Publisher: Keurig
  • MSRP: $169.95

Keurig Platinum Brewing System

This is one of the most amazing coffee maker on the market right now. You often see them in stores like Costco or Bed Bath and Beyond. You can identify them because there is always a line of people wanting try the coffee… and you know what, it is awesome. This machine is all about convenience. Coffee, tea, hot cocoa, you name it. But what makes it really amazing is that you can get your brew in about ten seconds. Our tester on this coffee maker loved the fact that they didn’t need to make a pot of coffee. They could get 2-3 cups out of each of the k-cups (the things with the coffee in them). It was also amazing for tea. Tea is great, but sometimes a pain to brew. You have to let it steep and you have to deal with the bag. Not with this. Just put the k-cup in and have a delicious cup of tea in 10 seconds… it’s nearly instant like the speed of light and it will always taste good. I’ve become a big fan of their green tea, but they’ve got tons of different flavors for every taste. Design wise, it’s sleek and very modern, with a nice blue LCD screen and gun gray and black coloring. Whether you’re looking for a new coffee/tea machine or always on the go, the Keurig Platinum Brewing System compliments any kitchen and every lifestyle.

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  • Publisher: Waring
  • MSRP: $48.89~

Waring Pro WWO100 Cordless Wine Opener

We loved this wine opener for so many reasons that we had to include it in the gift list. First off, it looks cool with the black and stainless steel. This is the kind of thing you leave out on counter as a conversation starter. Secondly, it is super simple to use. You just cut the foil with the included foil cutter and press the opener down on the bottle. I am always screwing up corks, but this fixed that for me, plus, it is great if you know anyone who loves wine, but has arthritis and can’t handle a traditional wine opener. This is the kind of thing that saves them from having to drink their win out of a box with a pour sprout! The WWO100 Cordless Wine opener can effortlessly remove up to 80 natural corks with one charge.

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