Now that you’ve seen what Gentle Giant will be bringing to Celebration VI, We have some more great shots for you from the company including the highly anticipated unveiling of the annual Gently Giant Holiday Exclusive. This year’s exclusive will be a Jar Jar Binks with W. Wald mini bust set. If you need more Star Wars than that, check out the great contest that Gentle Giant is offering at the bottom of this post for a chance to win the Jumbo Kenner Display that they had on display at Comic Con this year.

If Star Wars isn’t your thing, we’ve also got some great new images of the upcoming Red Skull mini bust from Gentle Giant’s Marvel License.

Jar Jar Binks with W. Wald – 2012 Holiday Deluxe Mini Bust Set – $119.99
License – Star Wars
Pre-Order Link
The Gentle Giant Holiday Bust has become quite a tradition. 2012 brings collectors of this rare line a special treat – a Deluxe Mini Bust 2-Pack! For the first time, Gentle Giant is offering collectors the chance to bring home Jar Jar Binks and W. Wald for the Holidays! The Jar Jar comes entangled in a string of holiday lights (with several display modes) and wearing a Santa hat! Both of the holiday accessories are removable so you can proudly display Jar Jar year round! Also included in the pack is one of Warwick Davis’ many Star Wars characters, the Rodian W. Wald from The Phantom Menace.

Boasting uncanny screen-accuracy, these 1/6th scale renditions are cast in high quality polystone and come individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity. They make up a strictly limited edition collectible set , only from Gentle Giant LTD.


Deluxe Red Skull Mini Bust – $70
License – Marvel
Pre-Order Link
The infamous RED SKULL, The ruthless and cold-blooded military and politically manipulative genius has continuously lashed out against freedom and democracy whenever and wherever possible. To this day, The Skull and his agents are always only a whisper away, lying in wait for the perfect opportunity to pounce on Captain America and crush all he stands for.

Standing at just over 7” tall, this bust features precision details, including military medals and a hand gun behind his back. Even better, this Deluxe Mini Bust includes an interchangeable hand, allowing collectors to display Herr Shmidt either with a fiercely clenched fist or wielding the infamous Cosmic Cube!

A strictly limited edition collectible that is cast in high quality poly stone, then hand painted and hand numbered, with an accompanying certificate of authenticity.
Make mine Marvel!


Gentle Giant Kenner Display Contest:
This one is real simple. Gentle Giant is giving the display pictured below away to one lucky fan. IT is just the display, not the figures… don’t be greedy.