Not really a lot of detail attached to this, just a big announcement and an even bigger puddle of drool from collectors. Hot Toys, the company who makes pretty much the highest quality 1/6th scale figures in the world has just announced that they will be continuing their Batman license into the third Christopher Nolan film, Batman The Dark Knight Rises. They’ve also come out and announced that they will in fact also be making collectibles for Marvel’s upcoming Avengers movie. Neither of those announcements is really all that surprising as they’ve done all the other Bat man movies and they’ve also done figures for all of the characters who will be in the upcoming Avengers movie.

Hot Toys has made its mark on 1/6th scale figures and they have been amazing. 1/4 scale has generally be the bailiwick of Sideshow Collectibles. Now, it looks like Hot Toys will be scaling up as well. Here’s what they had to say about it.

“The upcoming 1/4th collectibles will be even more finely sculpted and sophisticated, bringing to fans with even more details and interestingness!

To show our enthusiasm for this project, we have assigned a special team to be specialized in the 1/4th scale collectible development and they will be incorporating our latest technique to upraise the quality level, which will be leading the 1/4th collectibles to another milestone and must bring much surprise to fans!”

If you’ve ever seen a Hot Toys figure close up, you know the detail is insane. I can only imagine what they can achieve with that much more surface area to play with.