Our good friend John over at Popbox Collectibles just sent us over some amazing new pictures of the Optimus Prime Transformers Movie Bust. Popbox does amazing things with busts that just blow everyone away. If you were lucky enough to get his Sonny bust from I Robot, you were treated to a lot more than just a bust. it was like a perfect miniature prop replica with movable parts and great electronics.
It looks like he’s trying to out do himself with the Transformer Movie Busts. Here’s some info on the bust.


The ultimate in electronic bust format showcasing the Transformers
Movie Autobot leader, Optimus Prime. True CG replica of the Autobot with
all its mechanical intricacies.

– Non-scale bust towers approximately 29 cm in height
– Transformable from normal to battle mode with attachable mouth
shield part
– Made from sturdy ABS plastic with die-cast metal components
– Comprising over 40 separate parts for high accurate movie
realism & super detailed production
– Features light sensor activated light-up LED eyes
– Includes voice recorder to play back your favorite movie character
– Decorative Sector 7 shaped base with Autobot logo
– 3 “AAA” batteries needed for recorder and light-up functions

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