• Publisher: Dark Horse
  • Format: Figurine
  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $49.95

Let’s talk about Grendel. He’s one of the all time hottest indie comic characters, yet many people still think you are talking about Beowulf when they hear the name. It will take a Hellboy style movie to bring him to the public and hopefully that will happen some day.

This figure was made by a company called Yoe Studios and is being distributed by Dark Horse. It is part of a great collection of antique styled, indie comic characters. Other members of the set include The Rocketeer, Groo, Conan, Marv from Sin City and many others.

So what do I think of the figurine? I love it, but for a whole different reason than why I normally like stuff. Sure, It is not the most detailed figurine ever made by a long shot, but it has character. The sirocco style gives it an almost antique look that adds a little bit of class to the typical character piece. The paint is spot on and the detail is actually better than I’d expect. What I really like is the texture. It gives it an almost a hand carved feel. I have to say I’ve been collecting these pieces for the last three series and will keep doing it as long as they keep coming out. You’d probably be able to convince me to buy a Yoe Studios Mr. Hanky if they ever made one… and I really hope they don’t.