I never thought I’d ever see a TMNT “Build-A-Figure,” but sure enough Playmates Toys has jumped on the bandwagon and announced a “Build-A-Figure” promotion based on the current “TMNT Back to the Sewer” animated series which airs Saturday mornings at 9:30 on The CW 4Kids.

Unlike most Build-A-Figures, this promotion actually plays into the storyline where the turtles must enter a cyber realm and rescue Master Splinter who has been split and fragmented across the cyber universe. So Master Splinter can only be saved by being collected and “rebuild.” Clever…

By purchasing all four Mini-Cyber Turtle basic figures, in addition to Mini-Cyber Shredder and Mini-Cyber Foot, you will be able to build a bonus Cyber-Splinter. Each mini figure stand approximately 2.5 – 3″ tall, while Build-A-Figure Master Splinter clocks in at 5.5 – 6″.

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