• Publisher: SOTA Toys
  • Format: Statue
  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $250.00-450.00

Some people love their Jesus, others love Mohamed. There’s even a great group of online junkies who pledge their undying allegiance to the great and powerful Flying Spaghetti Monster “for ever and ever Ramen.” However, for a surprisingly large group of people who’ve read the writing and stories of HP Lovecraft, there’s no deity like Cthulhu. Other companies have tried to immortalize the great beast in every form from gummy candy to stuffed animals, but no one has ever quite captured the horrific majesty of Cthulhu like SOTA Toys in their Nightmares of Lovecraft Ultra Cthulhu Statue.

There are some things you’ve got to understand about this statue. First off, its massive. Standing at 14″ tall and with a wingspan of over 22 inches. What really makes this impressive is the sheer amount of detail they were able to cram onto this thing. In dealing with such a big canvas, I see artists go for smooth sides and a larger overall feel, but not here. Every wrinkle of skin ever cell of every tentacle, down to each of his tentacle penises… ya, I said it, this guy is hung like an anime demon.

The paint application is just spot on. There’s no sloppiness at all, that’s another nice thing about this compared to other large statues. Its one of the factors that give this statue such a realistic look and appeal.

When you look at materials, especially when dealing with tentacles and wires, there is almost always breakage. Not here. SOTA was smart enough to make the body a hard resin, but keep the tenticles a softer plastic material. On description, you’d think that this might make the statue look kind of silly, but it doesn’t the slightly rubbery appearance actually makes for a better overall look.

For the last several years, the collectible market has been flooded with cutesy little Cthulhu statues. This new piece, limited as it is at only 470 pieces, is a breath of fresh air and one is flying off the shelves. Grab it now and get ready to start your collection. More of Lovecraft’s nightmares are on the way.