• Publisher: Scholastic Books
  • Format: Book
  • Available: Bookstores
  • MSRP: $16.00-$21.99

The idea of a book whose sole purpose is to inform the reader about a fictional space craft may seem like a boring read. But what Scholastic does with their book about the Millennium Falcon is nothing less than extraordinary.

I was already aware of this book’s existence and although I am a fan of Star Wars, Han Solo, and the Millennium Falcon, I had no intention of racing out to purchase it. That, my friends, would have been a mistake. I would venture to say that any fan of the Star Wars universe would not be able to walk out of a store once they had this book in their hands. Looking at pictures online does nothing to prepare you for the pure awesome that is this owner’s manual of Corellian Engineering Corporation’s YT-1300 light freighter.

So, yes, this geek’s guide to the Millennium Falcon is disguised as an owner’s manual. The first page shows the top view of the YT-1300 with a type of highlighted graph at the top of the page with numbers detailing specific points of interest. As you turn each page, the left shows the underside of the area you were looking at and the right reveals a new layer. Both pages have the same illustrated, numbered guide at the top corresponding to the new image on the pages.

Now, we have all seen books done in a similar manner. Typically, these are done with layers of clear plastic pages. It’s an effective way to demonstrate the desired effect but the fate is generally the same. Pages eventually become scuffed or torn and cease to line up properly. Not the case with this owner’s manual. Each page is constructed of thick, sturdy cardboard intricately cut to expose specific areas of the YT-1300.

Like a Jedi mind trick, once you hold this book and begin to flip through you will be unable to resist the urge to buy it. But the true geek wants some substance and this book delivers there, too. Aside from the facts and various options you can request for your new vehicle (remember, this is an owner’s manual), there are areas where the owner can take notes. In this case, we are treated to notes from none other than Han Solo. Some of these lines from the movies while others are new. A feature that definitely enhances the reading experience. Add with this a few images of the notorious craft we have never seen and you are left a “must own” Star Wars book.

Seriously, it’s worth owning just to see your friends’ expressions when they first flip through it.

Guest review by Jason of ZombiesAndToys

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