A funny, but kind of sad parody that shows us what we can probably expect when it comes to ads in the new Google Project Glass AR glasses. I was pretty clear about my opinion on Project Glass the other day, but it is the logical next step for the evolution of technology. What people just don’t realize… or want to acknowledge is that it just puts them in a position to be that much more of a captive advertising target for Google.

Google will probably not be this obvious with their interface but there’s no question the company will be gathering massive amounts of extremely personal data to build detailed profiles and sell super targeted ads. Because let’s face it, Google really is just a massive advertising company at heart.

Fun Fact: All of the AdWords used are actual Google ad returns found via Google searches based on the dialog, situation or setting in the original video. Yes “Music, Stop!” does actually return an ad asking if you would like to listen to music.