I know, this is the second “Sexy and I Know It” related post in as many days. Don’t worry… this one is worth it. There’s a Youtuber by the name of Noah… or Only1Noah. He’s apparently figured out the secret to alchemy because he’s actually managed to turn a turd into a shiny lump of gold! His bluesy, acoustic take on the LMFAO party anthem is just plain awesome.

He must be doing something right. The video has only been on Youtube for 48 hours and it already has over a quarter of a million views. Sadly… for every one Noah on Youtube, there’s at least 350 Rebecca Blacks.

Here’s Noah’s official description of the video:
Okay guys! So I’ve actually always wanted to cover this and I finally arranged a version of it that I hope you like! Anyway it was really fun doing this cover and I have more to come so stay tuned! Peace!