We’ve heard of “Man bites dog”, but we’ve never heard of “Man bites bear.” We think this is probably because the man usually doesn’t survive to tell the story. Well, now we’re talking about Russia, the Florida of the world. That’s where 35-year-old Nikolay Irgit lives. The amazing thing is that he’s still alive to tell the story of what just happened.

Here’s how Irgit recalled the attack to officials:

“When I saw the bear, at first I froze in horror. I didn’t have any weapons, not even a knife. I began to scream, I thought it would not attack. But the bear charged towards me. I managed to punch him in the face, but he pounced and knocked me off my feet.”

The Police filled in the rest of the incident in their report:

“At the moment when the bear clasped his teeth on Irgit’s face, he managed to bite off a part of bear’s tongue, which is why the bear stopped the attack and fled. After coming to his senses a bleeding Irgit called his friends to come and help.”

His friends then made a stretcher out of what supplies they had on hand and carried Nikolay to a close-by village. Eventually, he was moved to a hospital where doctors treated him for serious claw and bite wounds to his face, scalp, arms, and abdomen.

Ironically, Nicolay and his friends were out in the woods, searching for antlers that they could re-sell without a license to do so. That means the bear attack survivor will be fined for illegally searching for antlers without a license.

Meanwhile, officials are now searching the woods for a bear with a lisp.

Source: SUN