I love you Japan, but damn… you make some creepy stuff. I’m talking about Kosaka Cocona, or Robot Idol. It seems like we were just talking about the holographic girlfriend that is currently being developed in Japan, but who needs a hologram when you can have a three foot tall cutie to call your own?

The Kosaka Cocona dancing idol figurine has 34 movable joints and she’s powered by a Raspberry Pi3 CPU. While she’s not the first “motion figure” ever produced in Japan, she’s definitely the most advanced. One of the primary purposes for for the figure is to have her sing and dance for you. If you don’t like the way she does that in the factory settings, you can use the MikuMiku Dance software and program her remotely as you wish.

So, how much will Kosaka Cocona set you back? She’s not cheap, but then again, true love never is. You can expect her to burn an $8,600 USD hole in your pocket.


Source: Rocketnews