When I was a kid, an exciting lunch was opening up the brown paper back to find a big tin foil triangle and a juice box. The tin foil triangle meant that while my friends were choking down tuna or fluffernutters, I got to eat leftover pizza from the night before. Nowadays, parents don’t make lunch for their kids nearly as much as they used to. Instead pump them full of the crap known as Lunchables. If you are not familiar with them, Lunchables are these god awful manufactured lunch meals that consist of stale cracker, over-processed deli meats, or ketchup and processed cheez if it is the pizza meal. As our good friend Alton Brown would say… Definitely not Good Eats!

Well, once again the Japanese have a better way to do things and this time they are literally handing us our lunch when it comes to … well, lunch. Unlike the lunch box or brown paper bag that we use here in the states, Japan uses these neat little contraptions called bento boxes. Not only is this a less wasteful way to serve lunch to people, but when you actually put the food in, you can make it look way cooler than your ziplocked sandwich or my Tinfoil Pizza Suprise.

We scoured the net for some of the coolest bento boxes in the world. Get ready to drool at some of the geekiest lunches you’ve ever seen!

2 thoughts on “BentoPalooza! – AKA, One More Reason to Hate Lunchables”

  1. I like the Simpson one, the chic with the mud mask and the two little pandas. Super cute. But I wouldn’t eat it, someone’s sweaty hands were all over it. EEW!

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