Burger King is getting ready to launch their newest product to the Japanese market. No, it’s not the Rodeo Sushi Burger, it’s perfume.

There’s a chance that this could be a joke, as the new fragrance, title “Flame Grilled” hits the market on April 1st, but that just also happens to be “Whopper Day” in Japan… Why doesn’t America have a Whopper day? Because here in America, EVERY DAY IS WHOPPER DAY!

The perfume will cost around $40 and it comes with a Whopper. For an additional $40, the customer can also purchase a “Whopper Pass” which entitles them to 30 days straight of Whopper meal deals.

Given the option, I’d say go for the Whopper Pass. If you eat a Whopper every day for a month, you’ll smell like a Whopper without having to put on the perfume.

Source: Hypebeast