Reuters is reporting that the French are complaining that their condoms are too small. In fact, they say that they need the largest condoms in all of Europe. The article goes on to mock Greece by saying that they get on perfectly well with the smaller ones.

Disturbingly, there was an actual study on this by… get this… the Singen-based Institute of Condom Consultancy. The study included the reported penis sizes of 10,500 men in 25 countries.

Keep in mind, the study was done on the honor system.

The results show Frenchmen on average claim to need 15.48-cm (6.09-inch) long condoms, about 3 cm longer than Greeks, whose condom-size requirement was the most modest.

The creator of the study did not want to comment on how honest he thought the Frenchmen had been in reporting the data.

The institute also offers online condom-size advice and hosts “Pimp Your Condom” — an annual fair organized in cooperation with the national Aids Trust — with the aim of educating teens about sexually transmitted diseases.

My guess is that if you pressed the French for a little more proof… they’ll probably just surrender.