I think the headline pretty much says it all. I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising. After all, don’t you remember the commercials that Taco Bell launched when they started serving breakfast? They must have found every Ronald McDonald in the country and had them taste their waffle tacos.

The crime went down in Lumerton, North Carolina (Amazingly, this didn’t happen in FL). A man with the same name as the world’s most famous fast food clown pimp was shot just outside of a Sonic Fast Food restaurant. He’ll be OK, though I doubt he’ll be able to look the cashier in the eye the next time he goes to his namesake’s for a Big Mac*. While there’s been no arrest, the restaurant’s manager said that he saw McDonald and his assailant arguing outside the chain before they apparently exchanged gunfire.

*Really though, why the hell would you want to? The patties on the last Big Mac I ordered were just about the same size as the pickle slices.

Source: Fox