Cheetos and Burger King broke the internet yesterday when they unveiled BK’s upcoming Mac & Cheese Stuffed Cheetos, but did you know your regular Cheetos could be worth their weight in gold?

If you’ve ever looked at a Cheeto and thought that it looked like a shoe or a dead President, you will want to pay attention. The virtual Cheetos Museum (Yes, that’s a real thing) is actively seeking submissions of the weirdest shaped Cheetos you can find.

Frito Lay, the subsidiary of PepsiCo that owns Cheetos went as far as to say that they’re “searching for the next Mona Lisa of Cheetos shapes.” To date, they’ve gotten everything from Cheetos that look like people taking selfies to ones that look like birds. I can only imagine how many have been sent to them that look like Donald Trump’s Dick.

Here’s where a stoner snack could turn into a payday. They are actually paying the 10 best submissions a $10,000 prize! More than that, a grand prize winner will bank an additional $50k!

To submit your Cheeto, just head over to the Cheetos Museum HERE.

Here are some examples of the Cheetos that have been submitted thus far.

Still wondering about the BK Mac & Cheetos? Check out this video review: