What’s the number one reason to break up with someone? Is it over money? Values? Children?

Nope, it’s when they don’t like Joss Whedon’s “Firefly.” Just ask “Firefly” fanatic and Browncoat for life Mikey Mason. Everyone has to draw a line somewhere, his was here. As a way to show his declaration of Browncoat Loyalty, Mason has created this outstanding official video about why it’s okay to dump someone for not liking “Firefly.”

Would you dump someone if they didn’t like “Firefly?” Let us know below.

One thought on “‘She Don’t Like Firefly’ – The Ultimate Browncoat Loyalty Anthem”

  1. Speaking as the kind of woman who owns her own dice bag and has played many a video game, I actually find it somewhat implausible that someone into those things wouldn’t like all that is Whedonesque.

    Then again, I’m very not model-hot. Maybe that’s the problem. The poor fella needs to get over that crap and go for a nice curvy girl with something to hang onto while crying his eyes out over Wash.

    On the third hand, it’s hard to cry about Wash once you come to this realization while your kid is watching Fraggle Rock.

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