Remember those handsome, animated, Disney Princes you used to crush on when you were a little girl or a very confused little boy? Well here they are, and you’re now either feeling extremely embarrassed, slightly turned on, or laughing so hard your coworker next to you is telling you to STFU. What more is there to say, but save a horse and ride a cowboy, or in this case some classic Disney Princes all sexed up giving you multiple reasons to watch cartoon again (either that or never again as your entire childhood has been bastardized).

Look at all the bulges… like a horrible car accident, can’t turn away… UNF UNF UNF UNF UNF FOREVER!!


2 thoughts on “These Ain’t Your Mama’s Typical Disney Princes!”

  1. These are great!
    What do you mean, “very confused little boy?” though. I loved these guys as a boy and I wasn’t the slightest bit confused about it, thanks.

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