When Tabitha tweeted that she ran out of Wheat Thins and her life was “officially over,” Wheat Thins decided to surprise her with a whole pallet of Wheat Thins.

This is just one of many new Wheat Thin ad campaigns that’s going around. And while they quipped about her being over dramatic, I can’t help but point out the hypocrisy by Wheat Thins giving her a few hundred boxes of Wheat Thins in over dramatic response.

For those who say this is fake… it very well might be, but according to Tabitha Hancock (fox_girl313 on Twitter) it’s very much real and she’s been donating the Wheat Thins to local churches and schools. This is what she wrote on YouTube:

“Ok for all of you who want to know.. it is real… i was tracked down by people on facebook, and contacted thru my aunt.. I had no clue that this was going to go on.. I was fully shocked. Yes I do have a lot of wheat thins and for all of you who are wondering i have been donating them to local churches and schools.. Im just some random girl who posted that an got very lucky. you can find me on twitter at fox_girl313 or hit me up on facebook. I have proof! Tabitha Hancock