In college when I lived in co-ed housing, one of my roommates seriously expressed her interest in getting and installing a stripper pole in her room. At the time it seemed like a great idea due to several reasons:

A). Because she figured it’d be an easy way to meet guys.
B). It seemed fun.
C). She could burn a lot of calories doing it.
D). Plus, she figured how hard could pole dancing really be?

Three weeks later, however, she abruptly changes her mind. I never questioned her or knew why until later when I was told how she had made a fool out of herself at a party with a stripper pole. Apparently, she thought it’d be a good idea to pole dance while being drunk and completely inebriated. And while the bruise on her face was bad because she face planted and ate the floor a couple of time, I guess her bruised ego ended up hurting a lot more.

Anyway, the moral of this story is, pole dancing is a lot friggin harder than it seems. And according to the US Pole Dancing Federation (yes, it’s a real federation), while pole dancing may have evolved from stripping, it has now transformed into a competitive athletic sport. In fact, pole dancing is a form of fitness and one of the fastest growing fitness trends today, offering a complete total body workout!

Don’t believe me? Check out this amazing video located at the USPDF site now.