the whole point of a viral ad campaign is that it’s meant to garner lots of attention so a company can use it ti help build brand awareness and support. Well, Microsoft has a viral campaign for IE8 and from the looks of it, the ads just haven’t caught on yet, for the most part. until their newest ad was released, the most views that any of the ads had received in 3 weeks is 25k. You’d expect a lot more from Microsoft, especially when you’ve got star power like… Dean Cain hosting the vids.

All that said, the video they released 24 hours ago is starting to catch on. Perhaps it is the gratuitous vomiting… Maybe its just the fact that Dean Cain starts saying something that I’m pretty sure begins with Hairy Vaginas and goes downhill from there. Have a look and see what you think. Here they are, posted in order of release.