That’s right, this candy bar hails from Russia and not from Transylvania. With a texture that is similar to a Tootsie Roll, the Hematogen bar was rolled out during the cold war as a tasty treat that could satisfy your sweet tooth, your need for iron, and potentially your blood lust. Its ingredients were simple: beet sugar, condensed milk, and sugar syrup, oh, and let’s not forget the cow’s blood.

The flavor is described as your typical dimestore chocolate bar, but with a slightly “irony” aftertaste. If you think about it, the bar was ingenious. It is a lot easier to get kids to eat candy than it is to get them to take vitamins or eat liver. The bar was so successful that it is still available to this day. You don’t even need to go to Russia to get a taste of it, you can order it on Amazon or even pick it up in most Russian Specialty markets in big cities.

Here’s an old video from Rhett and Link of them tasting the “blood candy”

Source: Munchies