Geeky Gifts

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Lunch Tote$19.95 • The Coop • Get Yours Now More and more people pack their own lunches every day. We aren’t just talking about kids at school, but grownups heading off to the office. Packing your own lunch is a lot healthier and cheaper than going out […]

Food Gift Ideas

French Macarons Party Tower$135 • ‘Lette Macarons • Get Yours Now We’ve already told you how amazing ‘Lette Macarons are and what a great gift they make for the special person in your life (or an even better gift for yourself!), but we wanted to take some time to tell […]

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

The Foodcycler$349 • Foodcycler • Get Yours Now We feel guilty every time we throw veggie scraps or eggshells into the trash. If we had a yard, we’d compost it, but instead, it just ends up in a landfill where it takes up space and adds methane to the air […]

Warm And Fuzzy Gift Ideas

Bananya Blanket Hooded Banana Fleece Throw$31.99 • Bioworld • Get Yours Now If you aren’t familiar with Bananya, it’s the Japanese kitty that lives in a banana. We don’t really understand it either, but it’s freakishly adorable. Almost as adorable is this Bananya Blanket Hooded Fleece Banana Throw that lets […]

STEAM Gift Ideas

Thames and Kosmos Gumball Machine Maker  $49.95 • Thames and Kosmos • Get Yours Now Physics, engineering, and gum; have you ever heard of a more perfect combination for learning? The Thames & Kosmos Gumball Machine Maker will teach you the basic principals of mechanical physics including simple machines, force, motion, […]

Bar Gift Ideas

Bibo Barmaid$199.95 • Bibo • Get Yours Now If we had to pick one phrase to describe the Bibo Barmaid, it would be Keurig for cocktails. Bibo is a great gift for anyone who loves a mixed drink but doesn’t like getting dressed up and heading to the bar to […]

Health And Wellness Gift Ideas

Morph Collapsible Foam Roller$68 • Brazyn • Get Yours Now If you’ve ever worked out, you can use a foam roller, but they aren’t all created equal and they can take up more room than they are worth. The latter is why we wanted to check out the Morph Foam […]

Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Tiny Robotics Lab$19.99 • Smart Lab Toys • Get Yours Now The only thing cooler than a tiny baking set is a tiny robotics lab. Thankfully, Smart Lab toys has us covered with another great STEAM set that teaches kids the basics of robotics and engineering in a cute and […]