‘Whose Line Is it Anyway/ Let’s Make A Deal’ star Wayne Brady is about to jump into the CWverse this season as he appears on Black Lightning as Gravedigger.

The recurring role will see Brady play a disaffected super-soldier named Tyson ‘Gravedigger’ Sykes. He’s a relic of WWII and it sounds a lot like Captain America, if he didn’t freeze and had to put up with being treated like a second class citizen despite being more powerful than everyone around him.

However, in a move that sounds more like Magneto, it’s Gravedigger’s dream to create a metahuman utopia within the boundaries of the DC fictional country of Markovia. It’s that dream that puts him and Black Lightning at odds.

Brady has been popping up in more and more dramas recently. Last season he had a recurring role in the now-defunct USA drama, Colony.

Source: Deadline