After an impressive, seven-season run, CBS’s modern adaptation of the Sherlock Holmes starring Johnny Lee Miller and Lucy Liu is set to end. Deadline is reporting that Elementary is going to be closing shop at the end of its seventh season. While the show hasn’t been a ratings powerhouse, it hasn’t really been in risk of cancellation for a lack of fanbase either. It looks like the main reason for the cancellation is that renewing the contracts of the show’s stars were going to cost the network more than they wanted to pay. This isn’t an uncommon situation, given that the show is now primed for long life in syndication and that usually means a hefty pay bump for the cast.

the good news is that we aren’t just looking at a show being canceled. Everyone involved agreed that it was probably a good time to wrap things up. That means that the series will get a proper ending and not be left dangling like so many other fan favorites. Interestingly, season six actually ended with what could have worked as a series finale because they weren’t sure if they were going to get renewed again.

The final 13 episode season of Elementary has not been given a release date as of yet, but they will probably air as a mid-season, or summer slot-filler some time in 2019.