This is a little bit of clean-up news that we missed during Comic Con last week. During Friday’s Disney XD panel for the upcoming DuckTales reboot, it was formally announced that The Terror That Flaps In The Night, will be making his way into Duckburg. That’s right, they are not only rebooting DuckTales, but they are using the show to introduce Darkwing Duck to a whole new generation! What’s more, they also said that that other memorable characters from the Disney Afternoon cartoons of the 90’s will also be making appearances in the show. Does this mean we’ll get an episode where Scrooge and the nephews get shrunken down and go on an adventure with the Rescue Rangers? Maybe Launchpad is out with the Flu and they have to employ the gang from Tail Spin for a mission? We’ll know soon enough. Until then, check out this 2 minute preview that was shown during the Comic Con panel:

Source: D23