Despite the fact that no formal offer has been made, Variety is reporting that ‘Tron Legacy’ and ‘Oblivion’ director, Joseph Kosinski is in line to snag the director’s chair for Tom Cruise’s proposed Top Gun sequel. The film has been talked about for years by Cruise, but now he says that he is looking to shoot it next year. He’s also said that Kosinski, whom he worked with on Oblivion, is the one that has come up with the best plan for a story on where to take Maverick and Ice Man (Val Kilmer says he’s been approach to reprise his role) as they once again return to The Danger Zone.

Given Kosinski’s interesting take on technology (as seen in both Tron Legacy and Oblivion), it will be interesting to see how much of it, and especially drones, feature into his story idea.

Source: Variety