With the Smallville finale fast approaching there are a few questions that fans are dying to get the answers to. 1. When will Clark fly? 2. When will Clark put on the cape and tights? And, will Michael Rosenbaum return one last time to play the role of Lex Luthor?

If you had asked that question 24 hours ago, the answer would have been no. Word had come down through his people to EW that:

“He has put the show behind him and moved on,” says a knowledgeable source. “He’s pursuing his other creative outlet [writing]. By all indications, he is not going to be involved.”

Well, thanks to the collective nerd rage of thousands of ‘Smallville’ fans… and that fact that Rosenbaum has a new series starting in April, he’s had a change of heart.

Just tonight, here’s what he had to say to Deadline.com

Rosenbaum said he was “delighted” to return for the series finale. “I’m simply doing it for all of the fans out there who made Smallville the great success it is,” he said. “I appreciate all of their passion, their relentlessness and even their threats. Ha ha. I can’t wait to hug the old crew back in Vancouver one last time and see all of my old friends once again….. Oh, and for Lex to become the badass he’s destined to be.”

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