If you are a fan of both the comic book and TV version of The Walking Dead, one of the big questions you’ve been asking is: Where the F&@#( is Michonne? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, she’s a sword -wielding bad-ass who is an integral member of the group in the comic book. She’s also figured out a way to keep zombies from looking too closely at her. She keeps a couple on chains by her side at all times. She cut off their arms and lower jaws so they can’t attack her and their smell masks her from the walker hordes. Oh, and just to show you how big a cold as ice bad ass she is… the walkers on the chains were her best friend and her boyfriend.

Well, it is looking like we will be seeing Michonne towards the end of this season… at least according to a guy who claims that he’s playing one of the jawless zombies on a chain.

Here’s what he posted.

The Jaw-less Undead

Hey guys I’m back again with some great news, well not just great but forever changing. I finally got a taste of what it’s like to be a real actor.

The other day I got caste to be an feature extra in the television show “The Walking Dead”. I didn’t know what my role is but I was excited when I found out that I was playing a Michonne Jaw-less Pet Walker. Now those of you who read the magazine know’s what that is. For those of you who don’t, just know it’s a dope charter to the new season three. I will be in episode 13, the season final of season 2. I’m not going to give away too much details, but know it was three hours of make up ($2,000 dollers worth) me shirtless and cold, looking super gory but cool. And a whole lot of taping, running and screaming. Ending in a lobster dinner :).

Being that it went so well. When I move back to Cali I’m getting head shots. Simply because my resume is somewhat compatible with others. So I’m going to freelance in LA signing open contracts and freelance in Atlanta doing what I’m doing now (Thank You Extra Casting Atlanta). My role can turn permanent, and I pray it does. Just if you really care send me prayers and blessings you guys, I dream of acting as a life aspiration. I’m so close, but still far away. – @xoRomeo

The sad thing for Romeo is that after a slip up like this, it isn’t likely that any casting director will ever want to touch him again. Well, at least he’ll be able to earn some money signing autographs on the convention circuit…