At this year’s Disney’s D23 Expo in Anaheim California, ABC’s Lost had a great booth presence to promote not just its sixth and final season but also “Lost University” and we’ve got all the pictures to show you in our gallery below.

Although no new footage was shown at the ABC presentation, we did learn that the final sixth season of “Lost” will run in its entirety without interruptions in 2010.

For those wondering about the purpose of “Lost University,” it is essentially a complete online/virtual educational program that will utilize Blu-Ray’s BD Live technology. The “courses” will be fully interactive and educational with real professors who will teaching you two semesters of theory, language, physics and jungle survival. Heck, Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) will even teach you “Advanced Physics of Time Travel”! Lost University will be awesome for sure.

Wait, but what if you’re Blu-Ray deprived? Not to worry! An alternative method is currently being brain stormed in order to let everyone join in on the fun. Personally I think it will just be an interactive DVD for the PC. And that means if you’re reading this, then you’re already good to go!