The Walking Dead isn’t coming back until October and there aren’t any good zombie shows or movies coming on until then, so why not learn how to make your own zombies at the Ghoul School!

Expert Reveals Secrets To Making Shrunken Heads, Zombies, And More

Barry Anderson, a award winning special effects artists with over three decades of experience, has opened the doors to his new school for the makeup and effects artists of tomorrow.

Winter Park, Florida- Where does one go to learn how to make a realistic shrunken head? How does one learn how to create a feature film quality zombie? Renowned special effects maven Barry Anderson, a thirty year veteran of the craft, has opened the doors to his new school, Ghoul School, and is sharing his decades of knowledge with the effects artists of tomorrow.

Despite the growth of CGI or Computer Graphic Image effects, skilled makeup and practical effects artists are in greater demand than ever. Anderson’s Ghoul-School teaches not only the fundamentals for beginners but advanced techniques for the more experienced.

Anderson has worked on more than 16 major motion pictures and created wax figures and displays for Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Odditoriums for nearly two decades. Despite having worked with the likes of George Romero , and having personally cast John Travolta’s body to create his fat suit for the film Hair Spray, Anderson is uniquely personable and eager to teach those who are hungry to learn. He is happy to discuss the secrets of making dead bodies for the popular Jeepers Creepers films, or the irony of his long nights working on Day Of The Dead.

Ghoul-School offers 10 programs;

Workshop 1: Introduction to Silicone Makeup Effects and Silicone Prosthetics
Workshop 2: Life Casting
Workshop 3: Creature Features: Design and Sketching
Workshop 4: Getting A Head: Human Head Sculpting
Workshop 5: The Art of Mold Making for Beginners
Workshop 6: Mummies… I Make Dead People and You Can Too
Workshop 7: Zombies 101
Workshop 8: It’s Alive! Making Monsters
Workshop 9: Advanced Silicone Prosthetics
Workshop 10: Little Prop of Horrors

But it is not necessary for students to take all classes. Ghoul –School welcomes students who have a specific area of interest, be it Life Casting or making film props or circus gaffs. Currently, all classes are held on weekends, and most classes cost between $200 and $375 (plus materials) so they are affordable even for the casual F/X aficionado.

Prospective students can visit for additional information and to sign up for classes.

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Contact information:
Barry Anderson

Aloma Forsyth Center:
3500 Aloma Avenue, Building F Suite 6
Winter Park, Florida 32792
Phone: 407 376 3814