We wrote about this previously, and it’s now finally available. UD Replicas presents one of the most iconic movie costumes of all time! Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics, UD Replicas is beginning production on the DARK KNIGHT Motorcycle Suit, a stunning recreation that conveys the strength, elegance and awesome power of Batman.

From the press:

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada (October 1, 2009) – Conveying the strength, elegance and awesome power of The Dark Knight, UD Replicas – the officially licensed division of Universal Designs Ltd. – has begun production on a replica Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit, and orders are being taken at the company’s website, www.udreplicas.com.

Produced under license from Warner Bros. Consumer Products on behalf of DC Comics, the Universal Designs Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit is a stunning recreation of one of the most iconic movie costumes of all time. The Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit comprises a full-leather jacket that includes lightweight interior lining, as well as molded-leather and Kevlar armor sections; pants that include heavy-duty, four-way stretch Spandex inserts and CE-approved armor; authentic gloves and boots that replicate the amazing on-screen design.

Each Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit can be customized to fit sizes ranging from XXS to XXL. Orders can be placed exclusively at www.udreplicas.com, and each Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit retails for $998 U.S. (or $1,149 CDN for orders placed in Canada, United Kingdom and Australia). A maximum of 1,000 Dark Knight Motorcycle Suits will be created.

“No film of the 21st century has been as visually stunning as The Dark Knight, and we’re proud to be working directly with Warner Bros. Consumer Products to ensure accuracy and authenticity in every custom-made Motorcycle Suit,” said David Pea, owner of Universal Designs. “The Dark Knight is one of the highest-grossing movies all time, and continues to spark the imagination of fans everywhere.”

The Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit is an intricate, complex design, he added – one that has required the company to invent entirely new ways of working. “Although we are strictly limiting the quantity to 1,000 suits worldwide, we want each one to be of extraordinarily high quality, and that has meant creating new machinery and new production methods,” Pea said. “We couldn’t be bigger fans of Batman and the world in which he lives and we know fans share that passion and the expectation of extremely high quality, so we’re very proud that Warner Bros. Consumer Products has given us such remarkable access to the original suit and the designs used in the production of the movie.”

Full information on ordering, as well as photos and video of the Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit, can be found online at www.udreplicas.com.

2 thoughts on “UD Replicas Debuts Highly Detailed Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit”

  1. I’m impressed with the design… impressed enough to order the Dark Knight replica motorcycle suit. What I’m not impressed with is that after 4 months, there’s no word on shipping these suits to buyers. Delivery was promised for first quarter. That leaves just 3 more weeks, but UD Replicas is silent as to when or if customers can actually expect shipment.

    What’s up UD. Are the customers going to be left in the dark? Worse yet arey going to get stiffed?

    1. I’m assuming your credit card has been billed? Might want to check with UD to make sure your confirmation is still valid. Production seem to have been delayed and on their site they are reporting that they will begin to ship soon.

      UD is a legit site, I wouldn’t worried too much about getting stiffed.

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