• Publisher: Dark Horse
  • Format: busts
  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $69.95 each

William Paquet has succeeded where most have failed. He’s created versions of famous movie monsters that capture capture their classic style without being the same old boring Boris Karloff knock off. In fact, he’s created a new twist on Frankenstein’s Monster on the Bride that brings more new energy to the characters than Andy Warhol. Ok, I take that back. Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein is one of the single worst movies in cinema history. Just consider this famous quote from the film: “To truly experience life, you must #$@! it in the intestines!”

Enough about the soup can guy, let’s look at these great busts.

The Monster: There is a lot of classic Frankenstein here in this bust to be sure, but there’s also a lot more to love. The detail on the sculpt is great. every nook and cranny of the bust is packed with texture and detail. For me, the highlights are the face and chest. Sure, the laboratory style base and the bomber jacket look cool, but that scarred eye and the open surgical incision on the chest with the hose coming out of it add that perfect little bump to make this one of the coolest Frankensteins I’ve ever seen.

The Bride: I always hated the classic Marge Simpson Bride of Frankenstein look. This Bride has a classy look to her. The down swept hair, the blue lips and green eyes. The highly detailed corset. She’s really a lot more realistic than any Bride of Frankenstein ever done before (with the exception of Madeline Kahn, of course). She’s also got some mechanics of her own built into the shoulder to make her more of a match for her hubby and they look great.

There is no real favorite here. They are both great and should be treated like a pair.