• Publisher:Dark Horse
  • Format:Statues,
  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $49.99

When you think pin-up, its hard not to think about Bettie Page.She was a goddess who personified everything it meant to be naughty when people were really just learning how. No matter how she was tied or bent over, her gleaming smile added a hint of purity to every pose. Even today, her pictures and films are popular on the net, in coffee book form, and even in collectibles. This brings us to the latest Bettie Page release from Dark Horse.

Several months ago, Dark Horse released a 12″ version of this statue that was very popular, but had one major flaw. Bettie’s ribs were sticking out. Maybe I need to go back and look at more Bettie Page pictures (sure, twist my arm), but I remember one of the things that made her so attractive was her curves. The Kate Moss, hunger strike thing just wasn’t her bag. Thankfully this new 6″ statue has all the curves of the real Bettie without the ribs that make you wish you could give her a sandwich.

As this is a statue and not some articulated figure, there’s not that much to say here besides the fact that its freakin cool and if you’re a Bettie Page fan or know one and this isn’t already on your desk than you need a bop to the noggin. Dark Horse has the creative muscle to do statues like this right. The likeness is dead on and the paint is perfect. The pose is naughty without being slutty… as one person called it: cheesecake. Despite the fact that you are looking at some lady in her panties, the statue has a decent amount of charm and class. This one really is worth picking up.