• Publisher: Strangeco
  • Format: Vinyl/blindbox
  • Available: Now
  • MSRP: $7.99

Ok, here’s the deal. I wanted to make a specific point to have vinyl be a big part of the review section here on youbenymywookie.com. All the more reason that I’m thrilled that Strangeco sent over some of the new King Ken Trading figures from James Jarvis’ new Mystery assortment line. That said, vinyl toys cross this boundary from just being a toy or basic collectible to being a piece of art. They do art gallery shows for vinyl toys.

The point is, while I can talk about certain things like the paint and articulation of these figures, the cool factor and all the other stuff that I talk about are completely subjective. Now, let’s talk about some monkeys.

The King Ken line is designed by one of the true all stars of the vinyl industry, James Jarvis. King Ken himself was already a very popular figure, so Jarvis wanted to bring out the four inch figures in six different color variants.

Let’s talk about the variants first of all. A lot of time it comes down to how the assortment is allocated. when you are dealing with blind box figures (toys that you can’t see until you open the box), you always run the risk of getting doubles or just not getting the one you want. Of the three that Strangeco sent my way, two of them were blue and one was green. Here’s the actual breakdown for the line:
* Gray 1:4
* Orange 1:4
* Purple 1:6
* Blue 1:6
* Green 1:8
* Chase Figure 1:24

As for the sculpt and paint? Both are done with a pretty minimalistic view. I really like the design, but then again, I really like gorillas… not in a bad way, just in a gorillas are cool kinda way. The paint on the ones I’ve got are vibrant and crisp. The figure may only be four inches tall, but they were still able to color inside the lines.

These are a great entry level piece for people interested in vinyl toys. They are kinda wacky, but not totally out there. You can put them on a shelf and people will want to pick them up cause they look cool, and they didn’t cost you half your paycheck to pick them up.

Really… these are a buy.

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