This is not a Florida story. It actually comes to us from Siberia. Where a woman was just decapitated by a train while having sex on the train tracks.

The story was released this week through Pravda. It seems that a particularly randy couple was having sex on the train tracks, you know… as one often does. Anyways, the woman, who was on top, looked up when she heard the train. That’s when she found out that she was right. A train was coming… right through her head.

Russian authorities say that both the victim and her partner were homeless and drunk at the time of the incident. Also, this is apparently not the first big train hit they’ve had in Russia in recent months. Along with a man, whose legs were cut off and his body found four days later, a mother and her two children were also hit by a train earlier this week, killing one child and leaving the mother and other child in critical condition.

So, just think about your actions. Sure, sex on train tracks has that risky danger thing that gets some people extra hot. But, is it worth losing your head over? Also, how uncomfortable has that got to be for whoever is on the bottom? Best case scenario, you end up on sharp gravel and splintering train ties. No thanks.

Source: Metro