Ever since Nike aired the Tiger Woods commercial using cut and paste of his dead father’s voice, there’s been countless spoofs that have for the most part been misses than hits. Until we can across this one from TheActionRoom featuring Luke and the voice of his father Anakin (Darth Vader). Brilliant! File this one under another “why didn’t I think of it first?”

Source: TheActionRoom

One thought on “Star Wars – Luke And Anakin ‘Tiger Woods Nike Commercial’ Spoof”

  1. I viewed the Tiger Woods Nike commercial. After I saw it, I cared even less about Tiger Woods than I did before. I do not think it’s possible for me to care even less about Tiger, the extramarital affairs, or the Masters Leaderboard any less than I do now. I wouldn’t waste a pay day loans worth on going to view the Masters 2010 in Augusta. You know who I’m rooting for? John Daly. Why is that? Simple – he’s a jerk, he misbehaves, drinks and smokes abundantly. He’s the villain in golf, and I LOVE to root for the bad guy.

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