Forget your broomstick, quidditch is for kids. It looks like this Hogwart’s student has upgraded from the Nimbus and the Firebolt and gone straight for the X-POLE! Gryffindor for the win!

Her Name is Erika and she’s a film student in NYC. It takes a lot of creativity to think about putting Harry Potter to the pole, but it came out great! Even she was nervous about it at first. Here’s what she said on her Youtube video post:

“Leo, Morgan and I have been in a bit of a craze lately. Momentarily, I was thinking “What the shit have I done…? This is a children’s book!” But I think it turned out rather nice, don’t you think? Enjoy, muggles.”

Erika, you’ve just brought a smile to the faces of Muggles all over the world.

Music: Harry Potter and the Half-Dub Remix by Terabyte Frenzy
(permission to use)
Filmed by Leo Kei Angelos