OK, this isn’t the typical kind of post that we’d throw into the WTF section, but when I saw it, it is pretty much exactly what came out of my mouth so I figured that I might as well. Other than The Beastie Boys and Matisyahu, we don’t hear about a lot of Jewish Rappers. Drake is not only Jewish, but he just went and got re-Bar Mitvahed. I’m not sure exactly what that means. It is probably something like getting re-virgined in a church, but with Manischevitz.

The entire video for the new song ‘HYFR’ is filmed either in a synagogue or at the reception of a Bar Mitzvah and it has more swears than I think I’ve ever seen in a temple before. It’s actually a pretty decent song too, but just looking at the whole thing and where it was filmed. I couldn’t help but say a serious WTF!

**If you find the headline offensive, please pull the pole out of your ass. It is meant entirely in jest and was written entirely by a Jew.

Source: forcesofgeek